Mud slops before and after treatment

Mud slops before and after treatment

The treatment of liquid oil waste from drilling, production and cleaning operations is often challenging. Whether the waste is oil slops, flowback, well washing or pit washings, the nature of the waste with solids, oil and water makes it hard separate.

The SAS-ES products allow these liquid waste to be treated faster and more effectively compared to traditional chemistry. By injecting or adding the right SAS-ES chemistry to the waste it is possible to split the waste into oil, water and solids.

This means oil is recovered and there is value in that of course. The water is re-used in drilling, exploration, production or disposed off in an injection well. The solids are the only waste part and can often go to landfill without further stabilizing required.

Out of 100bbl of flowback or slops waste we often see only 10 - 20bbl of waste. The remainder is quality oil and water. Oilfield waste is of course never the same twice. However, our products are robust and work over a substantial cross section of oil waste streams. This reduces the number of possible options and keeps stocks and in-field usage simple and straightforward.

If you work with oil slops waste, flowback or mud washings, give us a call or drop us an email and we will arrange a brief 10 - 15 minute call to understand your waste, your process and your results.



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