Oil Recovery from Waste




Oil Waste Management Re-Invented

SAS Environmental Services has developed the unique combination of chemistry and engineering that is the MIST Eco System. The MIST Eco System is the result of years of experience in using our chemistry in the treatment of oil waste such oil sludge, oil slops, waste drilling mud, refinery waste and other oil waste types. This system provides the flexibility and ability to successfully treat a range of oil waste types. All our experience of getting our chemistry to work in a range of situations, setups, countries and waste types is combined in this MIST system.

The MIST system provides a low cost, proven and robust solution to treat oil slops and sludge. This system will cut your solid waste by 80%, recover high quality oil and separate out the water from your waste.

The SAS MIST system is the completely integrated solution bringing together all of the parts of the puzzle. Different waste calls for a different treatment approach. Using the MIST system you have the capability to adjust mixing times and mixing intensity. You can accurately inject the right amount of chemical and keep operating expenditure down. And if you want to treat some water based mud waste you can as well; polymer blending tanks included.

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