Welcome to mud pit cleaning the SASES way. Since 2000 our chemistry has changed entirely how our customers plan, carry out their work and reduce their costs of operating.

The unique ability of our in-house chemistry has reduced waste from pit cleaning work by 80% or more consistently. Because the waste splits out quickly under gravity the wash pill can be re-used over and over and over again.

The record stands at 24 times re-use of the same wash pill.

The settled solids are easily removed and not sticky. No blocked sumps, pumps or lines. Just easily moved, low viscous slurry. The water can be treated and the oil can be re-used in drilling fluids as work by Baroid and SCOMI Oiltools showed.

An example of work carried out offshore for the cleaning of 14 mud pits is the make up of a 40bbl pill with just over a drum of SAS PitClean 102C dosed. This same wash pill was used for all pits with a total of 80bbl waste mud solids.

We have products that work with sea water, fresh water, brackish water and even concentrated brine.

The SAS PitClean 102C is CEFAS GOLD certified for use in the North Sea.

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