Oil waste treatment is a combination of the waste at hand, the equipment available, the people involved and their experience and skills, the chemistry of the waste and possible treatment solutions, the standard of maintenance of the equipment and the overall process and management of the process. If any of these are insufficient or not taken care of and seen in context it is unlikely the right results are achieved.

At SAS Environmental Services we have the experience and expertise to assess the waste stream, evaluate the effectiveness of the most suitable chemistry in the treatment of the waste and to understand if it is likely the right outcome can be achieved combining our unique MIST system with the right chemistry. The SAS Environmental Services MIST system bring to your site a fully integrated oil waste treatment plant. With our unique approach to integrated service delivery we alone can bring you the combination of the right chemicals, the right engineering and a deep understanding of the waste treatment process.

We know after 15 years of oil waste management projects that the chemistry is only a part of the puzzle. Our products need to work in your process, with your waste. SAS-ES has developed an approach to oil waste management that goes well beyond the selling of chemicals. We work to understand your process, your needs and then work out how our products can fit in with what you do. The way it should be.

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MIST System