The SAS MIST ECO System is a modular system capable of treating most types of oil waste using a unique combination of our in-house developed chemistry, high quality engineering and a waste treatment process developed from years of experience in treating many types of oil waste.

The MIST ECO System consists of two key modules. The MIST System will treat high solids waste like drill cuttings, oil sand or even heavy oil sludge. At the same time, the system will treat oil waste that is liquid or sludge with solids up to 25%. This liquid waste is separated into solids, water and oil. Each module can also be used on its own.

The SAS chemistry removes oil from solids and breaks the emulsions waste into separate phases of oil, water and solids. This means dry solids are produced with no need for stabilising or fixing. The oil and water split and the oil is recovered.

  1. Waste Reduction of 80% or more is common
  2. Full oil recovery provides value
  3. Mobile, low energy and high throughput (5 - 80 tons per hour)

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The 14" Decanter at the heart of the MIST 220 System
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