Filtercake Removal & Breaker Products

The SAS-ES team has been the developing force behind many of the more well known filtercake breakers on the market today. Our expertise in developing microemulsion (or nanoemulsion, or mesophase, etc.) based oilfield products has resulted in the next generation of filtercake removal or breaker products.

Specifically aimed at resolving Oil Based Mud (OBM) damage we supply these products direct to our customers. Our track record covers West Africa, the North Sea, India and the Middle East and production improvements of 200% - 620%.

SAS-ES products are robust and provide a consistent performance across virtually any brine type and well conditions. No custom formulation is required and SAS-ES Breaker products are compatible with almost all commercially used acid types and in-situ acid generating chemistry.

We believe the SAS-ES Breaker product line is the most effective and most economic option available on the market. Get in touch with us now to discuss your requirements

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