Some other great companies we work with

Here at SASES we work with a varied range of companies. On this page you can find out more information about these companies and the work we do with them.


Sudelac was founded in 2010 by Paul Howlett. A UK headquartered upstream oil and gas service sector business providing products and services for well construction through to abandonment.

The company offers a number of services on a consultative basis and can assist or fully manage new product development, early commercialisation and product growth, as well as Equipment Assurance Services (Third Party Inspection and Failure Investigation).

In addition Sudelac offers surplus oil-field equipment brokerage services to help connect sellers to buyers on a commissioned basis.


TuffChem Environmental Services was established in 1991. Tuffchem’s head office is based in Singapore and the company also has offices situated in Abu Dhabi and Malaysia. 

The company provides industrial cleaning services specializing in oil and gas both upstream and downstream, as well as that of the power industry.

Today, TuffChem is the forerunner in using clean processes and environmental choice chemical and technologies that reduce waste generated and are safe to use.



Lamor, headquartered in Finland with strategically located offices, hubs and partners worldwide, is a global market leader in oil spill response and environmental solutions for a wide range of scenarios and climatic conditions.

The company provides oil waste treatment, soil and water treatment services globally. The extensive portfolio of products and services also includes industrial applications.

Lamor has sold oil spill response equipment to 120 countries and more than 1,800 vessel mounted systems have been delivered to customers worldwide.